Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sundress No. 4

I love all of the sundresses that I made, but I think this one is my favorite. I just love this fabric. It is so beautiful. You don't need a complicated design or pattern to make something nice as long as you have quality fabric. Sometimes just doing a simple, basic design can be nicer; the less is more concept. These dresses are so easy to make, no muss, no fuss; yet so pretty and sweet; My daughter loves to play in them and wear them to church. As you can see, she chose not to wear the waist tie with this one. It's pretty either way.

For those of you who are finding me for the first time, I gave written instructions on how to make these dresses with a pattern that I tell you how to make in my first posting of these sundresses. I've made around seven or eight of these little dresses, which I will be showing you all of them.

PARTING SHOT: It appears that we witnessed a mother walking stick bug giving birth. Does anyone know for sure if that is what is happening here?


Oops. I was wrong I just did some research on the internet and found out that walking sticks do not give live birth. They lay eggs. I am going to copy and paste some text from another website. Sorry for giving you the wrong information at first.

"Most Stick Insects do mate. Species where there are equal males and females are able to mate and lay fertilised eggs (eggs that will produce male and female offspring).

Stick Insects mate like many other animal; with the male on the female's back (females are much larger than males) and the male "latches on" to the female. Some species the male dies shortly after mating, whereas some males will live a full life, mating many many times with the females (this goes for my Peruphasma Schultei).

Of course, females don't need a male to lay eggs. This is called Parthenogenesis. Females will lay unfertalized eggs which will all be female offspring. The best known species for that is the Indian Stick Insect, which very nearly all members are female."


  1. I love the sundress pattern! I am going to make a similiar style for the girls with vintage pillowcases! And the bug is making my skin crawl!

  2. This is my favorite so far also. I love that fabric and would like to have some like it!

    Not sure about the bug-neat photo's though.

  3. I'm not a bug fan, but that was great. Did your kids get to see it, because that's not something one gets to see everyday!

    Cute dress, cute child. :)

  4. Cutie patootie little Emily. I love bugs! I added a couple of things to my last post you may want to check out.

  5. Hi Trudy. This is a nice dress and all of the sundresses look nice on Emily. :-). Thanks for the blog comment earlier.

  6. Oooo, I love that material. The sundress is so cute and your daughter looks so precious wearing it! I hope you can get some sewing done this weekend!

  7. My family is big into bugs. Thanks for the info! Your sundresses are all beautiful.


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