Monday, November 24, 2014

The Sewing Machine War

There were so many geniuses who invented the sewing machine as we know it today. This is very interesting. Quite a war with lawsuits and companies merging and so on and so forth. Enjoy.

History of Sewing Machine by Terrys Fabrics
History of Sewing Machine by Terrys Fabrics.


  1. How very interesting, so glad they did continue to fine tune the sewing machine to what we have today! They probably never dreamt of a computerized one though:))) my machine is currently being serviced so no sewing for me at present!

  2. Me too! They would be so floored by the computerized machines we have today.

  3. How interesting is this story, dear Trudy. What are you sewing now?

  4. I just completed a lounge dress for my aunt. I'll post it soon.


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