Friday, September 11, 2009

Simplicity 4760

This first picture you will see again down below in the "parting shots." I just had to put it here at the top because I thought it was so cool.

I made Simplicity 4760 for Mr. 6. I used a red plaid flannel material. I didn't have enough material to cut out the collar; so I cut out the collar from some old denim jeans that were too small and also some for the sleeve hem. I found out later that I really did have enough fabric for the collar. Awhile back I had given it to my son to play with thinking I wouldn't need it, and I forgot all about doing that. But I'm glad that it happened this way because I like the addition of the denim. I think it gives it more of a customized look. You would have to pay more money for it in the store with this little extra detail, because it's special.

The denim was a bit thick so therefore difficult for the collar to lie flat. So what I did was, instead of following the guide sheet's instructions for the collar, I followed instructions for a wrapped corner, which you can find on my blog, probably under "sewing tips." underneath the "labels" section on the left-hand side. I also understitched as far as I could, pressed after each step, then ended with topstitching with red contrasting thread for a nice professional-looking finish. I also topstitched around the outside of the sleeve hem on the denim trim.


Miss 16 dressed up to be Lola Luftnagle from the Hannah Montana show for a party.

Little mommy with baby in sling.

Crafting day with a friend using fusing beads.

Dance time.

Budding guitarist.

Budding guitarist morphs into Batman.

And resting after a long hard day.


  1. Very cute! The denim accents really do make the shirt.

  2. Oh the demim collar and sleeve trim are perfect--just make that shirt!! and I LOVE the purple wig. I need one of those!!!!

  3. Wonderful! I like the denim. It does make the shirt.

  4. I absolutely love the denim on the collar and sleeves. Such a handsome shirt for a handsome little man. These pictures of your family are absolutely priceless, dear Trudy!

  5. Great shirt! Loved all of the photos.

  6. Wonderful shirt. I heart that purple wig and big glasses! How cute! I can tell you truly enjoy your family. How refreshing for this day in age.

  7. That shirt is so adorable and I love your family pictures - everyone looks like they're having so much fun!

  8. It was so refreshing to see boys' clothes for a change. The shirt really came out cute and he's a darling in it! Thanks for the visit too!!

  9. Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm really excited that I've made it on to your Blog List, especially as I can see that I am in such good company. Your blog is included on my list - I have really been enjoying following what you have been doing.

  10. Neat shirt, I think it looks better with the denim collar than it would have with a collar out of the same fabric. I wish I had somewhere to wear a purple wig. What fun! From the pictures it looks like your family is healthy and happy. Aren't pictures of kids napping with their dads special? I have some of my own that I treasure.


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