Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Understanding the Vintage Sewing Pattern

This is one of the beauties of sewing your own clothes, "You have the ability to control your looks if you know how to enjoy sewing. A person who sews well doesn’t worry about the fashion and its influences. They can find the right fit of clothing for themselves in the color of their choice. You need not worry that the color you like is not available in the market. Moreover there is no necessity to restrict yourself to a particular style." You are not bound to whatever is the fad in a particular season or year. "You should know that the clothes worn in the old movies are being revived by the youngsters and some of the clothes worn in these movies are evergreen and will not be out of date at any time. Can we say them as future-proof? Some of the modern movies like Dick Tracy and Titanic bring the old classics to this modern day." When using vintage patterns, because you are using modern-day fabrics, they do not look like costumes. It looks like something you could buy off the rack. 

"With the help of the internet you can easily find the old patterns that are used in the classic clothes. It is easy to make vintage clothes using the vintage sewing patterns.  

"Why you should go for the vintage?" The styles are usually classic in design and you can adjust it, for example, by shortening or lengthening a skirt or shirt length, choosing a different type of sleeve or collar, and choosing your own fabric colors and textures so as to have something that is uniquely you.  

"You can use the vintage sewing pattern so that you are accurate in the time for that pattern. Some of the vintage designs include patterns that are modern like zippers. These patterns change the look of the old clothes. 

"The attitudes and comments at the time of the styles are included in the vintage sewing pattern. For different styles and ages there are many accessories that are recommended. References to the Hollywood or Paris or the queen of society would be there that were popular at the time of the style that you adopt. 

"Using a vintage sewing pattern adds fun. This is one of the reasons for using that pattern. Finding a vintage sewing pattern in original and good condition is very hard." But don't be dismayed. There are many sources for finding vintage patterns that are in excellent condition. Ebay is one source. If you look at my Blog list, I list yet another source. Also, the Big Four pattern companies, Vogue, McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, have been reprinting some of the original patterns in multi-sizes. 

"However there are methods available to copy the vintage sewing pattern so that the vintage sewing pattern is available to you at affordable cost. By having a copy you have access to the same pattern, the instructions and the comments." Copy the instruction sheet to preserve it. And either copy or trace the patterns pieces, and use the traced or copied version in order to protect the original. "With that you can add your modern touches to that pattern with confidence." By adding your own touches, you make something that is totally new and different and uniquely you. "Problems with the vintage patterns "Of course nothing comes without a problem and so is the vintage sewing pattern. Changes to the pattern have to be made so that you can use the modern fabrics that are available in the market. You may need to alter the pattern to fit the modern figure" There are many books that explain how to easily alter a pattern, Nancy Zieman being one of the authors. 

"If the instructions are missing then it poses you a challenge to get the exact pattern needed." Many sellers will tell you if the pattern is complete or not so that you can avoid buying a pattern with a missing piece. "Due to these reasons the vintage sewing pattern should be reserved for the experienced people rather than the adventurous beginner in design." There are many vintage patterns that lend themselves to beginners, though.  

"Sometimes adventures pay off. So you can give it a go even if you think it is a little bit difficult for you." It's good to stretch yourself and try patterns that may be out of your comfort zone. That is how you learn and gain new skills. There are many resources for learning techniques you haven't learned yet. I have video tutorials listed on my blog list and in previous posts. And of course you can always ask an experienced seamstress when you get stuck on an area, then you can continue to move forward with your project. I encourage you to give it a try. You'll be so glad you did. It is a very satisfying and rewarding experience.  

I'll be posting pictures soon of of two dresses I've sewn, one from 1944 and one from 1974. 

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