Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song Signing to Jesus Loves Me

The children in our church are going to be singing and signing to Jesus Loves Me at the end of the month. I am teaching them the sign language. I made this little video with the help of my sweet husband to help them practice at home. The video goes over the first and last verse. I thought you might enjoy watching it as well. If you have any children in your life, you could show it to them so they can learn it, too. I find it easier to learn anything to music and sign language is no different. I have learned several songs with sign language, and it has helped me to communicate with the deaf because I don't forget the signs.


  1. I think one of the most meaningful ways to communicate the love of Christ is through moves me every time I see it!!

  2. I love seeing sign language done by the children at church. It is such a beautiful form of devotion.

  3. Great demo! We do a simplified version for my SS preschoolers and they love the "STRONG" part!

  4. I love that song! It's a top three.
    So sweet for you to teach the sign to it.
    Blessings sweety!

  5. Visiting from Java's. I've been intrigued with signing since age 7 when my great-aunt and uncle came to visit. Both were deaf and I was mesmerized by them. Songs are beautiful when signed. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You have a beautiful voice, beautiful video very cute!

  7. My goodness Trudy! You have the most beautiful voice! I've never heard you sing before. How did that happen?! I love signing that song. I used to teach it to the kids in my Sunday school class and I taught it to my own kids when they were very young. :o) It's so sweet seeing you do it. :o)


  8. Sorry, I'm so slow listening to this. Usually, the videos are so slow to load, I give up on them. You have a wonderful voice. So nice to hear you! Also, thank you for your comment. I was going to email you, but for some reason can't from this computer.

  9. Trudy, I found your blog thru my niece, Donna Rodgers at Comin'Home and loved watching your tutorial for signing Jesus Loves Me. I am going to teach it to my grandson and maybe share it with his little preschool class if that is okay with you. I read with admiration your posts of your beautiful baby daughter. Prayers and blessing for you and your family. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas!
    Joan Wood (aka known as Ama to my grandsons)


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