Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Announcing Recipients of Blog Awards

I received several blog awards and offered them up to whoever would like one since I believe you are all so amazing and deserving. A few have accepted my offer. I would like to introduce them to you so that you can visit their blogs. It's always nice to discover "new-to-you" blogs. Isn't it?

Dede of Me...Creatively has chosen The One Lovely Blog Award. And lovely she is. Her blog is brand-spanken new. She is an awesome photographer. She is also the sewing student of my 9 year old daughter Emily of Super Stitches. So please make her feel welcome to the blogging world and say Big Blogger Hello.

Denise of Pitterpat and the Sticky Cat has chosen The Sunshine Award since she is from The Sunshine State. She's fairly new to blogging as well; but I love her blog, though. She is also the winner of my One-Year Blogoversary Giveaway. She's just gettin' all kinds of stuff lately. Maybe you can give her a big welcome.

My daughter, Emily, has chosen The Sunshine Award. I think that fits her perfectly. Don't you? Her blog is just so totally awesome. She is so inspiring. Tell all of your friends with kids. They would love it. She sews and does arts and crafts and even hosts giveaways.

And I am offering up all of the awards to my sweet, beautiful and talented 16, next month 17, year old daughter of What To Wear. Her blog is brand new, too. So pop over every so often to encourage her as she builds her blog. She needs some followers. So anyone up for helping her get off to a great start and signing up as follower and putting her on your blog list so she can get some traffic? Just a thought. Right now she is in Austin, Texas, with her grandmother who is very ill in ICU, the one I've been asking for prayer for. So it's been a tough week for her. She could use a little pick-me-up.

You are all so awesome. I love you!!!

Tomorrow I have an awesome post for you about finding time, money and space to sew.

Have the best day ever!


  1. Thank for the comment! Its Not easy but i try my best to keep it together.

  2. Trudy,

    Did I tell you I have an award for you over at my family blog? I think I may have forgotten to tell you :)



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