Sunday, September 6, 2009

Names for My Machines & Dress Form

I have decided to give my machines and dress form names. My mother has always named her cars. I only remember a few of the cars' names. There was Old Red, Po Po; and the one she is driving now is Betty Jo, after her mother.

So, without further ado, I will share with you their names. They are being named after my grandmothers; so now every time I sew, I will think of them. My Kenmore sewing machine's name is Betty Jo, my mom's mom. My White Serger is Opal Ruth, Betty Jo's mom. And my dress form is Mittie May, my mom's dad's mom. I wish I had one more thing that needed a name. If I did, I would name it Ada May after one of my great, great grandmothers, my mom's mom's dad's mother.

I just love those old names. I have three girls. I wish I had thought about naming them after their grandmothers. That's would have been so neat. My 16 year old daughter said she is going to name one of her girls Ada. I wish I knew more about these women in my family than I do.

I think it would be neat to make some dolls, maybe crocheted dolls, one to represent each of my grandmothers and name each one after each grandmother. Then I could use the name Ada May. Now that I'm thinking along these lines, I think I would even make another doll and name it after my mom, Jonel. She doesn't have a middle name. I could even name some after some of my aunts. Then I could sew some really pretty dresses for them to wear and put them on a shelf to look at. Do you think I'm carrying this name thing too far, or do you like the idea?

What about you? Have you named your machines or dress form?


  1. Trudy, there is a book available on how to make dolls that look like real people. (I don't have the info handy, sorry. I'll try to find it for you.) Maybe that's creepy to some people, but I think it is a cute idea for little kids.

    Making dolls to represent your ancestors and then dressing them in period fabric and costumes would be a neat idea. It would be nice to have a picture of each person next to the doll. Simple way to make family history interesting to your children and teach your daughters about clothing history. (Hey, I'm an avid amateur genealogist. What can I say??? lol)

    No, I haven't named my machines or dress form. Guess I never thought about it. We have named cars, tho.

    I, too, wish I'd known more about my ancestors when I had my children, although I doubt my husband would have agreed to use any of the names. Sadly, I definitely would not have wanted to use either of his grandmothers' names. (Where does the apostrophe belong? I've forgotten!)

    Glad to see that you have pictures of the head stones.

    Hint to new genealogists: be sure to label the back with cemetary, town, county, state, date picture taken (rough estimate if not known). It the cemetery is off the "beaten path" add some directions from a nearby town. Oh, and please don't write on the back over the important information that is on the front, use self stick pages or glue or labels on important photos. Learned the hard way... Sorry for preaching. Probably should have emailed.

  2. Hi Trudy,
    I have named my machines and my dress form is named "Valentine" (because my husband bought it for me as a Valentine's day present) I think you should start watching Craig's list and garage sales for a nice vintage machine to name Ada Mae. A girl can't have too many sewing machines and I'm sure Emily would use it! :) Just a thought...

  3. This was such a charming post. I selected my dress form's name before I even bought her! I haven't really named my sewing machine, but I do refer to it as "my little Brother" (a reference to it's brand). I think your idea to make dolls representing your ancestors is a wonderful idea. What a remarkable heritage to hand down to future generations!

  4. I named my dress form after my grandmother and mother-Alma Marie. Alma was my grandmother, whose middle name was Marie. My mother's middle name was Marie, but she used that one instead of Alice.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just got back from vacation. While on vacation, my brother in law's mother was teaching me how to sew! She help me sew up a top and a skirt. I think I'm hooked on sewing now. I only wish she was closer to help me. I'll be stopping by your blog more often to get pointers on sewing! :O

  6. I love names and their origins. I especially love family names. I love knowing why people have the names they have. After teaching for 33 years I have run across some very interesting names.

  7. Trudy: I don't think the doll idea is carrying it too far at all-I think it is charming.
    You have such lovely old-fashioned names to choose from.

  8. That is a great idea. I don't have any dress forms, but I have 2 machines. I should name them after my grandmothers. Lovie Bell and Alberta Fay. They don't make names like they used to.

  9. What a great idea. I haven't named either my machine or dressform. Somehow everytime I think of naming either I just think the action is distinctly not me. So I'm still at that place where it's just a sewing machine and just a dressform. Sad but true. I did make a skirt for my dressform though, how's that for personalizing her? :)

  10. What a sweet idea. I'm going to name one of my machines after a great-grandmother. Dear grandmother Fanny Payne. Honestly! I think the machine that gives me the most grief will be awarded the namesake!

  11. Trudy, I had to laugh out loud when I read about your Mom naming her cars! I had a friend who did that. I, too, name my machines...the big new Innovis 4000D is called "The Hummer" because it is so much larger than the others.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving such nice comments. I'm very new to blogging & it meant a great deal to me.

  12. Hi Trudy,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my dress form post and redirecting me here! I enjoyed reading about why you named your sewing machine and dress form what you did. From the other commenters, it sounds like many people name them after their grandmothers. My grandmothers were Accursia (Gladys) and Lillian. Maybe my machine should be Gladys and my dress form Lilly? Hmmm...
    Audrey :)

  13. I've always thought that someday, when I get a new sewing machine that her name should be Dolly Parton.


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