Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Organizing Vintage Patterns

I have a large collection of vintage patterns. They are all in one box. I love to look at them and dream and plan about what to make. But they are not organized, and it is difficult to get them out and look at them and put them back. They are jammed in this little box pretty tightly. Also, I hesitate buying more vintage patterns because I'm afraid I may already own them. I've thought about copying the pattern envelopes and putting them in a binder or folder that I can take with me when antiqueing so when I spot one I would like to buy I can quickly see if I already own that one or not.

I was reading another blog and came across this awesome idea for organizing the vintage patterns. Place each pattern in a separate sheet protector. Then place all of these in a three-ring binder. Then you can easily flip through and look at them whenever you want, take them shopping with you, etc. Place the patterns themselves in a 9 X 11-inch envelope, labeled or with a copy of the pattern envelope pasted to the front of the envelope, in a box. When you sew up the pattern, put it in a different box labeled completed "Vintage Patterns." Then you'll know at a glance which ones you've sewn and which are still left to be sewn. I love this idea so much, that I am definitely going to do this with my patterns. I hope you like this idea. Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas for organizing your vintage patterns.

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  1. Be very careful if you put your original pattern envelopes in a binder to take with you. I use a binder with copies of my pattern envelopes and once lost it when fabric shopping. It was easy enough to replace, but how would you replace your vintage pattern envelopes? Not everyone is as absent minded as I am, but I wanted to share my experience.


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